NAR wishes to purchase a SECO Warwick Active Only Furnace for its main production facility. Please contact Mr Geoff Holmes using our contact details


The Daily Telegraph has published an article about our success with the MoD, click here to read the article


NAR providing radiators to Ferrari in Italy for the F430 GT2

> NAR provide superior cooling system for Aston Martin DBS production
>  NAR have developed a 'world beating' charge air cooler
> NAR - Provide cooling for worlds fastest road car, the Caparo
> NAR supply whole grid with oil and water coolers for Formula Nippon in Japan


NAR Group was founded in 1967 as a specialist radiator company in Northampton England dealing in all aspects of automotive cooling including Classic and Historic cars.
By the 1970s our range of specialist high performance products were supplying Aston Martin Lagonda as well as premier Formula 1 teams.
The 1980s saw the development of Copper and Brass cooling components, through our plant,commercial and automotive range of products.
Aluminium technology was introduced during the 1990s with the development of bespoke inhouse manufactured products.
This progressive and creative approach enabled us to expand our markets into performance automotive and motor sport at all levels. Nascar,Indycar,Champcar and Daytona Prototypes have all achieved considerable success with the introduction of our products. Most recently we have successfully completed a cooling upgrade for the MoD for CVR(T) Light Fighting Vehicles. All individually designed for specialist markets both today and the ever changing demands of tomorrow.