Innovative Material Combinations Create Bespoke Automotive Cooling Systems

At NAR, we like to stand out from the crowd, we create bespoke automotive cooling systems using innovative material combinations.

We have the unique ability to adapt any number of differing combinations of the specialist materials it handles to achieve the desired results, offering greater efficiency and weight savings. These modules may be air or liquid cooled and can also use phase-change technology. We have developed our own software programs to evaluate and predict the performance of our heatsinks and cooling modules.
We can also incorporate Pyrolytic Graphite sheets into our cooling modules which gives the scope to greatly improve heat dissipation where local ‘hot spots’ may be present. This makes removal of heat from the whole module much more efficient.

For more information on our innovative methods we use and to see how our ideas are being constantly adapted and altered by our passion and the ideas our customers bring to the table, then contact us with your own ideas and queries.

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