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Our webshop is continuously adding new products and images to help build our catalogue to help customers find the products they need.  Check out some of our recent posts:


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Babcock LTD contract

NAR are pleased to announce securing a four year contract with DSG Babcock Limited, supplying cooling groups across medium armoured platforms.

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Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

Following on from the successful manufacture and flight of the MK  IX/XVI Merlin engined Spitfire Oil Cooler for the Battle Of Britain Memorial Flight, NAR group are now in the process of manufacturing and supplying an additional Water Radiator for the BBMF.

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We are updating our Privacy Policy to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (known as GDPR) that is being introduced on 25th May 2018.

We process personal information for certain legitimate business purposes which include, some or all, of the following:

• Where the processing enables us to enhance, modify, personalise or otherwise improve our services/communications for the benefit of the customer.

• To identify and prevent fraud.

• To enhance the security of our networks and information systems.

• To better understand how people, interact with our social media and web sites.

• To provide postal communications which we think will be of benefit and interest to you.

• To determine the effectiveness of our promotional campaigns and our advertising.

Whenever we process data for these purposes we will ensure that we always keep your Personal Data rights in the highest regard and take into account all of your data protection right under any and all current UK legislation.

You have the right to object to this processing at any time. If you wish to do so, please opt out by emailing xxxxxxxxxxx

Please bear in mind that if you object, this may affect our ability to carry out the tasks above which may be of benefit to you.

This new policy doesn’t change the way that we handle your data. We will only use and store the minimum amount of data required and will not share any personal data with any third party without prior consent

Our new Privacy Policy will be effective immediately

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NAR secures contract to manufacture ELEMENT copper heat exchangers for UK power station

NAR have redesigned  a complete cooling installation for a UK power station using its PRO FIN design. the units work in a coastal location so all copper parts are tin coated to prevent salt erosion.

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Innovative Material Combinations Create Bespoke Automotive Cooling Systems

At NAR, we like to stand out from the crowd, we create bespoke automotive cooling systems using innovative material combinations.

We have the unique ability to adapt any number of differing combinations of the specialist materials it handles to achieve the desired results, offering greater efficiency and weight savings. These modules may be air or liquid cooled and can also use phase-change technology. We have developed our own software programs to evaluate and predict the performance of our heatsinks and cooling modules.
We can also incorporate Pyrolytic Graphite sheets into our cooling modules which gives the scope to greatly improve heat dissipation where local ‘hot spots’ may be present. This makes removal of heat from the whole module much more efficient.

For more information on our innovative methods we use and to see how our ideas are being constantly adapted and altered by our passion and the ideas our customers bring to the table, then contact us with your own ideas and queries.

If you would like to learn more about NAR Group and the products and services we offer as well as the history of our company, then have a browse of our site. You will find information on our manufacture and design solutions as well as classic car part products and more…

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Electronics Cooling – Improving Means Of Efficiency Removing Heat From Heat Sources Of Many Types

Our Electronics Cooling service helps improve the means of efficiency by removing heat from heat sources of many types.

NAR Group’s engineering design expertise enables it to respond to the increasing demands of vehicle manufacturers to make products smaller and lighter yet with greater efficiency.

With our developments in aluminium technology we have been able to develop lightweight and far more efficient heatsinks than those conventionally used in electronics cooling. Cold Wall modules for avionics are constructed and brazed in house, as are flat plate heatsinks and heat exchangers.

To find out more about NAR Group Ltd and the services and products we offer, whether that be manufacucturing or design, classic car parts or historic car parts, just have a browse of our site.

If you need any more information or help and advice, feel free to contact us directly and we will make sure someone from the NAR Group Ltd team will be able to help you with what you need and take time and attention to listen to your queries, worries or ideas.

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Industry Leading Electronic Cooling Components

NAR Group, the specialist radiator and automotive cooling solutions specialist based in Northampton has become a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of innovative electronic cooling components & parts including; Forced cooled heat sinks, Heat exchangers, Multi-port fluid plates, Cold plates and specialised coatings.

Using a custom built thermal sizing and predictor program we can precisely measure the output and performance of a given electronic cooling component and parts.

It’s this technical innovation and advanced manufacturing expertise that sets NAR Group apart and enables it to supply the following high profile sectors; defence, aerospace, avionics, electric and hybrid vehicles.

To find out more about the other services and products NAR Group has to offer, browse the rest of our site or contact us directly.

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NAR celebrates 50 years in business

NAR Group, the specialist radiator and automotive cooling solutions specialist, celebrated its 50th anniversary on 22 April 2017.

Over 100 customers, suppliers and classic car enthusiasts were welcomed to its ever expanding Northampton factory by current MD, Rob Goodwin and his father, the firm’s founder, Don Goodwin who is still active in the business today.

It was the £500 profit from the sale of Don’s first house that provided the equity to start NAR in 1967. A converted wardrobe served as the office/finance department, occupied by Don’s wife and those humble beginnings formed the solid foundations out of which the current, vibrant business was created.

NAR still has a dedicated department covering all aspects of the classic and historic markets. This includes careful repair, restoration or new build, using the traditional methods that were employed at the time of original manufacture.

A collection of Jaguar classics were on display for guests to enjoy.

Today, however, NAR is a very different entity from its formative years supporting classic cars and historic performance models. For a number of years now NAR has performed business critical support to the defence sector, working closely with the UK MOD and prime contractors such as BAE Land systems. The company designed a complete cooling upgrade for the CVRT range of fighting vehicles. Since then it has designed, manufactured and supplied cooling products across a variety of military platforms.

Throughout the day Rob Goodwin was proudly showing off the collection of CVRT’s that included a white Norwegian army vehicle and the Alvis that formed part of NAR’s first ever military contract in 2005.

NAR continues to develop its offering. The acquisition of NRF UK’s manufacturing arm in January 2016 has enabled it to manufacture copper brass radiator cores alongside its existing aluminium cores operation, which already produces in excess of 10,000 cores each year.

A new 3,500 sq ft re-manufacturing site will open shortly on the same site as NAR’s present factory.

Contact us today for further information about cooling upgrades to CVRTs, Copper Brass Radiator Cores and any of our others high performance automotive radiator cooling solutions.

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NAR expands into copper brass radiator cores manufacturing

Copper Brass Radiator Cores

The acquisition of former NAR Supplier, NRF UK’s manufacturing arm in January 2016 has enabled NAR to install bespoke machinery to manufacture copper brass radiator cores alongside its existing aluminium cores operation, which already produces in excess of 10,000 cores each year.

Twelve months on from the purchase, NAR’s Managing Director Rob Goodwin is delighted with the integration; ‘As a customer of NRF for over 30 years, we benefitted from the quality and flexibility of their high quality products and this a great opportunity to add copper brass cores and associated parts to our business. Production is now well underway and several new and existing customers have taken advantage of our expanded offering’.

‘We have a dedicated remanufacturing department so fully understand the needs of the modern radiator workshop.’

All copper brass radiator cores parts are 100% manufactured at NAR’s Northampton factory and are built to suit the following sectors; Automotive, Off highway, Industrial, Offshore, Railway, Classic and vintage, Defence.

Contact us today for further information about Copper Brass Radiator Cores.

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